Tonight while I was with other believers, listening to our Pastor speak about Living With Devotion, I was convicted about studying the scripture.  How much time will I spend studying the Bible vs. setting up this website for others.  I believe that God is calling me to use this website as a ministry to others.  Even in one day I can see a rise in the number of people visiting this site.  But God also wants to continue to work in my life through my own study of the scripture.  So, I've decided to commit to making sure that everyday that I come to work on this blog, I take time to study the Bible and pray first.  I will be learning right alongside everyone else who comes to study His word!
What are you committing to?  How often will you be studying God's message to you?
For many years now, I've been looking for ways to share my ideas on Bible Study, and specifically, teaching children the Bible.  I'd always thought God was just telling me to wait until I had kids.  That hasn't happened yet, but I still felt a desire to share my ideas with others.  Last week the sermon at our church was about how to study the Bible.  I wanted to go up to the pulpit and say, "There's so much more!!"  The speaker did a wonderful job of a quick overview, but I got the feeling that people needed more concrete ideas.

I had previously considered creating a blog about teaching music, but every time I considered it, I felt God saying "No."  After the sermon last weekend, I felt God saying, I want you to take the desire of teaching, your desire of sharing My word, and share it with anyone willing to read it on the web.  With spring break here, I had a week to start putting my ideas together!  So here it is.  Feel free to comment, suggest ideas, or anything else!

Weebly offers a free web site service that included both blog and website features, and that's why I went with them.


    I'm a teacher who has found that many people need a few tips or pointers to get started on their personal Bible Study Journey.


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